Majo Medicine has quickly become one of my top go-to brands for organic, cruelty free and sustainable skincare. Made here in the UK in small batches ensures high quality products that actually work as well as looking after our planet.”

David Gandy, UK / London @davidgandy_official

“I just received my order yesterday and I’m already in love. Every part of the experience was so easy. I’m a huge fan of the paper packaging as well! The price for three 30ml jars was really appealing. For the amazing organic ingredients, the price was surprising! Most high quality face creams are $100 each, and I got 3 for that price! I really appreciate MM being vegan, organic and cruelty free. It’s so important to me and so many other people. Majo Medicine is definitely my new favorite brand! Thank you so much for all the wonderful products and everything else you’re all doing!!”

Samantha, USA

“Majo Medicine – Face Food where does one start. My ageing skin was tired and in need of a great deal of help. I wanted to find, not only a product but also a company that supported my beliefs and ideals. No animal testing, environmentally friendly packaging and natural ingredients. I received my first order 2 weeks ago and I can already feel the difference. My skin is feeling nourished and so much softer with no greasy feeling. An added bonus is the perfume from the essential oils in the cream, just all kinds of YUM! Haven taken advantage of buying a few pots at the same time (postage time very quick to Australia), I was able to give my daughter a pot to take back home with her after being so impressed with it. Face food, loved by all ages. Only hope to see more products from the team at Majo Medicine in the future.”

Leta, Australia / Perth

“I cannot recommend Face Food highly enough, it’s the secret weapon within my bathroom cabinet and delivers a hug straight to my exhausted skin. A must-have for all and my best discovery for years!”

Katie, UK / London

“Majo Medicine is like a creamy dessert soufflé for your skin. It’s rich yet gentle; a perfect organic treat for my temperamental skin. Smells divine too! Can’t wait to see what will come out next from Majo Medicine’s kitchen of skin magic”

Naomi, Japan / Tokyo

“Majo Medicine’s ‘Face Food’ feels like a delicious, natural treat for the skin. As someone in her 30s who has struggled with dry, sensitive skin and mild eczema, Majo is honestly the best moisturiser I have tried. I love its texture, ingredients and calming, soothing effect. Thank you for transforming me: for teaching me to love my skin. #proageingwell

Sarah, Australia

"Living in London with its hard water, I often struggle with moisturisers that are able to provide me with a long-lasting feeling of nourishment and comfort. Face food is honestly so amazing at filling this gap. I’m delighted with it. the super rich oils give me such a younger looking complexion immediately. Its in my bag all the time! 10 out of 10”

Emma, UK / London

“Majo Medicine empowers me to start enjoying the aging. I am now happy to deal with my super dry and daily tired skin with Majo Medicine! It cannot wait to see the next magic”

Hiroko, Japan

“Since I’ve been using Majo Medicine I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin, it immediately looks hydrated and generally glows!”

Stephanie, London