“Beauty is in the wellbeing of the mind and body - it’s about authenticity, confidence, charisma, character and being comfortable.”
We can look and feel youthful without the stress and constraints constantly surrounding us. We are aspiring to shift the concept of beauty and the ageing process. People who are “well” in their body AND mind naturally look good, youthful, charismatic and attractive, no matter what their age. This is why we want to avoid the term anti-ageing and promote « pro ageing well » instead.  At Majo Medicine, we believe in the magic of human beings and their infinite potential. We believe our greatest lesson is to remind ourselves daily that we already have everything we need within ourselves.

I travel frequently. I love my job but it’s intense and my skin suffers the most: it gets dehydrated and tired even though I always drink lots of water and look after myself. I used to buy the most expensive skincare products thinking it was going to be good for me, however, nothing helped my sensitive skin and I realised how fussy I was when it came to scents and textures and what was in the products. My interest in understanding the ingredients list (INCI) on skincare labels grew. I was/am always trying to find new, natural ways to nurture myself. 

In 2014, I took some time out of music. I went to India to study and complete my yoga teacher training, something I had always wanted to do. That same year I also started to further my knowledge on natural skincare. I did a lot of studying, research and experimenting and my passion soon became overwhelmingly popular with friends and family. I decided to spread the goodness and Majo Medicine was born in 2016. 

"Majo" means witch in Japanese. Every potion is made with infinite love and care."

- Clare Uchima, Founder, Majo Medicine