Hello everyone,

Clare here. I hope you’re all staying safe and keeping well amidst everything that is happening in this world. We’re all going through a deep journey of transformation, being welcomed to explore a different way of being and acknowledging the vast realm of possibilities ahead of us. For me personally, I’ve been putting more effort into remaining positive and mentally well (even more than normal). It has become such an important part of my daily routine, to meditate and to check in with myself.

I’ve been leading a small meditation circle with a group of amazing women. We meet twice a week and I get so much out of it. It has been such a blessing during this time. A real journey through the heart, to go deeper into it, confront, accept, love, forgive and let go of all that no longer serves us – the baggage we subconsciously hold onto. Between all of us, we’ve shed so much – and gained new insight and clarity. It’s easier said than done at times of course, especially when we’re faced with so much heaviness around the world, but it has been a gift to be able to share this process with others.

One cute thing we did the other day was to write a letter to ourselves six months ago, in January. We all wrote something along the lines of,“ Hey me, just relax. Stop planning. Stop prepping. Stop stressing. The world will look so different. Nothing will seem under control. Your life and everyone else’s will take an unexpected turn. Everything in your diary will be cancelled. But don’t worry. Be happy. You won’t be going anywhere so get comfortable with stillness. Let go. Flow.”

As we enter into the further unknown, we’re really being forced to live in the present moment. Eckhart Tolle says depression is living in the past and anxiety is living in the future. I have really felt this in my heart lately and have been surrendering and not forcing anything into shape. It is here in the present moment that we are most powerful and when we realise that we’re inseparable from the world around us, we’re able to embrace all that we are. We are all one and we are all SO connected.

Sending so much love to you all.

Clare x